Best in Shoe (heartbreak editon)

These boots were so incredibly awesome. As soon as I opened the box I fell in love. But moments after unwrapping the tissue paper my heart was broken. These Ralph Lauren boots had to be returned because they did not fit. 😦 I wasn't blessed with my mother's sized 8 shoe, rather I got my... Continue Reading →

Friday Faves

Happy Friday! It's been a crazy week. My schedule was tossed upside down and tomorrow we're expecting a snowstorm. How many more days to spring? While I'm waiting on spring to arrive, I did visit a few blogs this week and below are links to some of my faves. If you have a chance you... Continue Reading →

It’s The Only One I Get

For today's Wednesday Wellness link-up, hosted by Maureen of Scoops of Joy and Rina of Cute Coconut I selected the the prompt of why I love my body. We've all had the "I hate my body" moment. For some of us, those moments are fleeting - they go as fast as they came. Unfortunately for... Continue Reading →

Dress Code

I love wearing dresses. They are so easy and in the winter they are ridiculously easy to wear with boots. Morning routine? Dress. Check. Tights. Check. Boots. Check. See how easy that was? On a busy, crazy, chilly morning a dress and a pair of boots can save my sanity. Another bonus? You look fabulous.... Continue Reading →

Song of 2015

Earlier this month I selected 5 words to define 2015 to me and I've been seeing a lot of other bloggers doing something similar. Some have chosen to select one word, others are choosing several words. I think this is a great thing to do. It helps keep us focus on our goals for the... Continue Reading →

Back to Paper

On Christmas day I went looking on You Tube for a specific video, I found it and I also found another video the writer had filmed about her brand new Filofax. I had some time to spare, so I watched it. Then I watched a bunch more videos from the suggested videos shown to the... Continue Reading →

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