No Longer Waiting

I’ve been waiting for spring for a few weeks now and it’s finally arrived. This meant that most of my time this weekend was spent outside. I had a long list of chores to do outdoors and I am being completely honest that when I step out to my garden I have no idea of what I’m doing. But in the kitchen, I’m truly in my element so I was able to pull together a quick lunch. I kicked up the simple salad a little bit by adding crostini with goat cheese. Now, if I could only do that in the garden.

SaladGoatCheeseCrostini 008

Mid-day I did make it back into the house and I was hungry but I really didn’t feel like making anything. A thought crossed my mind to get into the car and head out to pick up lunch but I resisted. There was plenty of food in my house but I was just so tired. But I forged ahead. I pulled out the very basic salad ingredients and began prepping my lunch. All the while my to-do list was running through my head, all the things I needed to do. But standing at my kitchen counter dicing the tomato with Susie & Billy by my feet was calming even relaxing. It was kind of like yoga, just with a serrated knife and a cutting board. The simple act of dicing eased the internal chatter and for a few minutes I didn’t think about the to-do list. Just making this very simple meal.

The salad wasn’t fancy by any stretch of the imagination. And it wasn’t intended to. I was lucky to have carved out this lunch break, so there was no way I could spend an hour doing prep. I needed sustenance, I needed fuel, I needed food. I plated the greens, the diced tomato and the red pepper and then drizzled the dressing. Not complicated, just enough extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar to taste and sprinkled salt and pepper…voila, balsamic vinaigrette express version.

A few ingredients- mixed greens, red pepper and tomatoes – tossed with a simple balsamic vinaigrette made a healthy and satisfying lunch. It’s not the most exciting dish, but it served its purpose which was to feed me.

The Goat chesse Crostini was incredibly fast to make and this weekend I was able quick meals to make. As much as I love being in the kitchen, for the past few days I’ve been wanting to just be outside. Maybe if I spend more time out there I’ll absorb the gardening mojo that many of my neighbors have. I’ve been a struggling gardener for years. But I remain hopeful. One day…one day.

Goat cheese crostini

The Goat cheese crostini recipe is a cinch and you can adjust to how many servings you need. Slice a baguette, toast, drizzle lightly with extra-virgin olive oil. Stir herbed Goat cheese with finely minced garlic and then spread on bread. Yum!

On Saturday morning I took the dogs out for a walk and then we stopped at Panera because I needed coffee.

Panaera coffee

While I sipped coffee, the pups people watched. One of they’re favorite activities.

TortelliniAsparagus 043

While I’m no longer waiting for spring, I’m wondering why a female blogger would write about a NBA cheerleader’s physical appearance rather than the cheerleader’s performance. After reading what the blogger wrote, I’m wondering if her comments were supposed to be a compliment? I don’t understand why the focus of the post was on the cheerleader’s body. Why not on her ability to do her job? How was her choreography? Was she energetic? Was she engaging the fans? And if the post wasn’t bad enough, there was a poll. Seriously?

As a woman, I was offended by the post. This is just another example of women being judged on their appearance rather than their ability. Looks like we haven’t come that long of a way, but hey, it’s only the 21st century. But I guess we have time.

So, how was your weekend?

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