Firm Ignite Calorie Burn

I’ve been journaling my workouts so that I can better track results. I also recorded when I didn’t workout and what the reason was. For fit and 40 women, working out becomes more than just doing a workout. As our bodies begin to change, we need to be aware of the exercises we are doing and what effect they have on our bodies. we are eating. The journaling also kept me on a schedule and created that consistency that I’ve been missing.

So, I’m back on track with my workouts and I took the time to review my workouts for a 30 day period. One a scale of 1-10, I gave myself an 8 for consistency and a 5 for change. Not much changed physically for me, so that told me that I needed to change my workouts. I needed to step it up. With that information, I ordered three new dvd workouts. And I’m going to share each one with you. I’m starting with a dvd that’s perfect if you’re looking for quick calorie burning exercises at home.

Title: The Firm Ignite Calorie Burn (Two workouts from the Firm Express Thin in Thirty Days Set (so if you have that series these are duplicates)

Firm Ignite Calorie Burn

Level: Intermediate

Type of Workout: Aerobic & Toning

Equipment Needed: Hand weights

Instructor(s): Emily Walsh and Rebecca Sturkie, Firm Instructors.

What: Total body workout with two 20 minute interval workouts. The mix of cardio with dumbbell body-sculpting keeps your heart rate but the mini-burst of intense cardio lasts 8 seconds followed by a 12 second recovery period takes the workout up a notch. The workout flows easily as does the cuing by both instructors.

Cardio Power Burst with Emily Welsh: Emily is a ball of energy (sometimes she reminds me of Denise Austion). Her workout combines those high intensity bursts of cardio and toning which promises to to rev up your metabolism which means more calorie burn and fat loss.

Interval Blast with Rebekah Sturkie: Rebekah pushes you to give everything you got. She jams in a lot in 20 minutes, you’ll work every muscle and those 12 seconds will be very much welcomed.

Total Running Time: 40 Minutes
Release Date: 2011

Bonus: 10 Minute Abs Downloadable Workout available on the Firms website

Why I enjoyed this workout: First, it’s a Firm workout. Second, I found the workouts fun, effective, challenging without leaving me feeling beat up. I definitely felt my heartrate increase and I did need those 12 seconds for recovery. These two workouts will be perfect for days when I’m crunched on time but I still want to sweat. So if you’re looking for quick calorie burning exercises at home give this dvd a try.

2 responses to “Firm Ignite Calorie Burn”

  1. I haven’t really done any workouts in The Firm series. Also my workouts lately are mostly on my own. But I do love having a workout handy when needed. This sounds pretty good though! Good for you for changing it up. Every four weeks you need to change out your workout.

    1. I’ve been curious about these workouts from the Firm and on a whim I bought one. I’m glad I did. You’re right about changing it up, keeps the body challenged and me exercise ADD happy. šŸ™‚ Thanks for visiting.

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