Recipe Disaster – White Cupcakes

Not every recipe is a winner and here is another recipe that fell into the “bad and not so tasty” category. White cupcakes.

white cupcakes

I know, how can white cupcakes turn out so bad? Does this cupcakes look so bad?

BadWhiteCupcakes 006

Apparently, looks are deceiving.

First, I decided to experiment using parchment paper instead of regular cupcake liners. I was inspired by a show on TV that featured a bakery that used parchment paper rather than the liners. A little time consuming, but I think if I had frosted the cupcakes they would have looked cute, different, irresistible.

But because I tasted a cupcake before I frosted them (good thing) I never got to see how irresistible they would have been. The cupcakes (okay, I tried two just to make sure) were eggy and too sugary. Not the combo I was going for. I couldn’t imagine them frosted. Ugh. Even the consistency of the cake was off. It was kind of sticky. (I just love the little indent from the parchment paper. It was kind of like a rustic cupcake.)

BadWhiteCupcakes 008

Since the cupcakes didn’t turn out delicious and I was very disappointed, I’m not sharing the link to the recipe. It’s just better that you don’t even try it. But I will conquer white cupcakes, have no fear.

The bright side is that our resident raccoon liked them. I found discarded parchment wrappers around our garbage can this morning. He must have had one heck of a sugar crash. 🙂

4 responses to “Recipe Disaster – White Cupcakes”

  1. At least the racoon was happy!

    1. You’re right, he must have been thrilled to find the cupcakes. He also loves bread. 🙂

  2. I saw the photos before I read how they turned out and the first thing I thought was, “YUM!” They look warm and soft and just the right amount of sugary without being too sweet. They kind of remind me of these sample cakes my Grandma would make us whenever she baked cakes when we were little. They were SO delicious. Better than the actual cake!

    1. Your grandma’s cakes sound so delicious. I’m still in the mood for cupcakes. 🙂

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