ACE HIIT Series with Chris Freytag

“You can do anything for 20 seconds.” I’m always looking for an effective, get the job done workout. I also want an instructor who is encouraging, positive and no-nonsense. And with the ACE HIIT Series with Chris Freytag I’ve found the perfect combo and possibly my new favorite workout dvd.

Title: ACE HIIT Series with Chris Freytag

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Equipment Needed: Dumbbells

Instructor: Chris Freytag

What: Seven workouts in total. Four Tabata workouts and two short toning workouts and a Vinsaya yoga workout. I worked at maximum capacity for 20 seconds, then “rest” for 10 seconds (active rest) which I repeated eight times, before moving on to a different series. The short toning workouts are basic and good for all fitness levels. The cardio is mostly higher-impact, but Chris usually offers a lower-impact option. The toning uses fitness classics like push-ups, lunges and bicycles. The two toning programs are super-basic; the yoga workout combines flowing Vinyasas with static “holds.”

Release Date: 2012

Why I enjoyed this workout: First, I truly enjoyed Chris Freytag as an instructor. Second, the exercises were challenging but not too high-impact. Since I was doing 4 sets in each round of 4 exercises, it can be repetitive but at least I knew what the exercises were and there was no dread factor for any of the exercises. I was challenged so I was having a good time. Chris is friendly, encouraging and easy to follow. She had a big smile for the entire workout and that was awesome.

Grab your dumbbells and be prepared to sweat.

2 responses to “ACE HIIT Series with Chris Freytag”

  1. sounds like a great workout! I love tabata!

    1. I’m loving tabata too. I’m so glad I decided to try it.

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