Fashion Collage #3

Today was spent running errands. First stop was emissions testing (woo-hoo, way to start the day), then grocery shopping followed by a stop at my cell phone provider to upgrade my phone. After I left with my brand-spanking new iPhone 5 I stopped in K-Mart specifically for a slipcover for our sofa. They didn’t have any but I did find a Country Living quilt set that was very pretty so I snatched that up along with a few gardening items. As I made my way to checkout, I passed through the clothing section and was drawn to a rack of floral pants. They were bright, cheerful, and perfect for spring. However, I kept walking since I was shopping for our home not for my closet.

Back home, I busied myself with chores and cooking but I kept thinking about those floral pants. Now I’m obsessed and I need a pair. Until I get to the mall this collage will have to do.

Flower Power

Flower Power by debras220 featuring kelly & katie handbags

Is there any particular item you’re obsessing about this spring?

2 responses to “Fashion Collage #3”

  1. Thanks! My fave piece is the bag. And here I thought it was going to be all about the pants. 🙂

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