Why I Work Out

We have reasons for what we do. Sometimes those reasons are good, sometimes those reasons should be re-thought because they’re not really sound reasons to do something. I’ve been curious of why people workout. Sometimes the reasons are for health purposes. A gal I work with was given a pretty grim forecast of what her future would look like if she didn’t start to exercise and eat healthfully. So far, she’s lost 7 pounds just by making better food choices and she’s started an exercise program. Other people workout because of vanity issues, they just want to look good. Period. End of story. Hey, if it works for them and it doesn’t take an unhealthy turn, so be it. Other people choose to workout because it helps relieve stress. I can keep going, but you get the idea. Many people, many reasons.

So why do I lace up my sneakers?

1. Exercise clears my mind.

2. I sleep better.

3. I fit into my clothes.

4. I feel strong.

5. It makes me happy.

6. It energizes me.

7. I find that stress decreases.

8. It’s good for my bones.

9. It’s good for my health.

10. It keeps me youthful.

Those are my 10 reasons why I workout, how about you? Why do you workout? Share some (or all) of your reasons.

BTW, since I’m talking fitness today you may want to check out Rx Fitness Lady for her 7 Day Mini-Blog Challenge. Joi, the awesome blogger behind Rx Fitness Lady has decided that it would be great to build connections between bloggers while trying to reach some blogging goals. Carli, over at Real Into, is participating in the blog challenge and I’m looking forward to seeing who else is going to be joining them. If you have a chance, stop by and visit them.

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