Fashion Collage #4

Happy Memorial Day weekend! This weekend is the unofficial start of summer and for decades it meant the start of pulling out everything white in our closet and wearing it. Now, I know we don’t follow those old-fashioned fashion rules any more. But this did feel like to right time to think of how to wear one of my favorite fashion pieces – white jeans. I’ve put together two collages, one for work and one for the weekend. If you’re like me and work in a casual office, the work look will be perfect. For weekend, really anything goes.

For work:

White Jeans - Work Day

White Jeans – Work Day by debras220 featuring platform shoes

$52 –

Oasis winter white jeans
$72 –

River Island platform shoes
$91 –

For weekend:

White Jeans Weekend

White Jeans Weekend by debras220 featuring zipper bags

Oasis slim fit jeans
$72 –

Wallis shoes

Zipper bag

What do you like to pair your white jeans with?

2 responses to “Fashion Collage #4”

  1. These outfits are terrific! Especially the top one, it would be great for work even.

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