Bare Yoga Anybody?

“I like to make decisions based on what my 80-year-old self would want me to do.” That was the opening sentence to an article titled Truth or Bare by Alice Oglethorpe in June’s issue of Fitness magazine about the writer accepting a assignment given to her by her editor. I was immediately drawn into the article because I have been thinking the past couple of years that I should be more open to trying new things. I mean, I’m still in good shape, I’m healthy (knock on wood) and I’m still young enough. But I’ve been thinking about things in the areas of camping (tent and all), zip-lining, snorkeling (my last attempt on our honeymoon in Hawaii wasn’t very successful). Bare yoga?

I don’t think so.

And not just any yoga class. A 90-minute, co-ed yoga class.

Definitely don’t think so.

I think bare yoga is a little too adventurous for me.

But it does have me thinking. I’ve let my short bucket list fall to the wayside and I probably should dust it off and add a few things to it. Life is about living and the way to live is to try new things. Right?

I haven’t had the opportunity to go camping, zip-lining or snorkeling recently but when I do come across those opportunities I will greet them with an open mind and no preconceived thoughts. I will be an empty slate willing to come from an place of “yes” (or craziness, depending upon the opportunity).

Hmmm, what else could I add?

I’d love to drive a race car.

I’d love to scuba dive. But I think I need to learn to swim. I think the problem with snorkeling was that I was going to drown, so that kinda sucked all the fun out of the adventure.

I’d like to travel Europe.

I’d love to swim with dolphins.

Okay, it looks like I do need to learn to swim. Add that to the list (this will also be a bonus for my 80 year old self, I could keep in shape by doing water aerobics).

I’m sure that my list will continue to grow and it better because I have many, many years to fill up with adventures and I want my 80 year old self grinning from ear to ear when she looks back at her 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s.

The writer of this article came out of the experience empowered, feeling beautiful and brave (she’s very brave!). She’d let go of her thoughts about the body’s flaw. That’s an awesome gift. However, I will need to find that gift someplace because I’m not going to be doing a downward facing dog pose in my birthday suit any time soon. But I did receive a gift from this article. The article got me thinking about what I’d like to try and accomplish in the years to come. How about you? What would you like for your 80 year-old-self to look back on and say, “Girl, I’m so glad that you tried that”?

22 responses to “Bare Yoga Anybody?”

  1. Swimming with dolphins is a no and I beg people not to do it. I have and now feel incredibly sorry for the animals.

    All the other things, yes!

    Opening my own all female gym is on my bucket list. Maybe we could do bare yoga. LOL

    1. Well, if the animals are being abused in any way I would never want to do it. If you open up a gym (great goal) I’ll be happy to visit, but I won’t do a bare yoga class. LOL.

    2. Totally agree with Carli, I feel so bad for the dolphins. I would do bare yoga in an all female gym, but only if I were 80. I feel like once you are 80, no one can knock you for anything.

      1. LOL!!!!!!!! That’s a great way to look at turning 80. Okay, so maybe I would by then. What the hell. Thanks for visiting.

  2. My own group fitness studio is on my list…similar to Carli! Um no to the bare yoga!

    Thanks for the love on my SITS day last week.

    1. Great! It looks like I’ll have two fitness studios to visit. And thanks for not offering the bare yoga class. πŸ™‚

  3. Lol I love yoga-no bare yoga though.

    1. I’m so with you, Tess! Thanks for visiting today.

  4. Love the opening line about what would my 80-year-old self want me to do. Visiting from SITS.

    1. It definitely drew me into the article because it is thought-provoking. Thank you for visiting.

  5. Hi Debra, Visiting from Sharefest. I would love to still be able to climb stairs at 80! Seems like that’s a biggy for the older crowd. Now, what I should be doing NOW to protect my knees for later is beyond me! πŸ™‚

    1. That’s an awesome goal because there are so many seniors who can’t do that (heck there are alot a 40-somethings who can’t do that.) Thanks for visiting!

  6. I think I’ll pass on the bare yoga. LOL! This is such an inspiring post – to make a list of adventurous things that your 80-year-old self would smile at. My friend told me that her dream was drive a lambourghini…a few weeks later there was a Groupon to test drive a lambo in a closed track. I guess you just have to put your dreams out there and the opportunities will present itself someday!

    Stopping by from SITS

    1. That was an awesome opportunity! Never thought that Groupon would offer that. So cool. I hope she did that. Thanks for visiting.

  7. I love the idea of what my 80-year old self would say looking back. Hm. I’m going to sit with that one for a while and see if it changes my current thoughts. Thanks for the thought nudge.

    Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

    1. You’re welcome. It got me thinking and my list is growing. At some point I’ll share the expanded list. Thanks for visiting.

  8. I never thought about it this way. As I sit home alone for the countless Saturday, as I rapidly approach a decade being alone . . .what would my 80 year old self say to that?

    Thank you for such a thought provoking post.

    1. You’re welcome. And I’m thinking we need some t-shirts made. πŸ™‚ Thanks for visiting today!

  9. I read that article and give her a lot of credit for completing the class. That’s brave!

    1. It was very brave of her. It’s something I couldn’t do.

  10. I really like the idea of doing what your older self would be grateful for…looks like I need to rethink my “bucket list”!!

    1. Thinking like that is a true eye opener. I love it. Thanks for visiting.

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