Fashion Collage #5

Go ahead, rock the length of a maxi dress while enjoying the effortless of the ease of wearing a maxi dress this summer. I love a maxi dress, especially in the warmer months because it’s one piece, I don’t have to worry if my legs are faux tanned and I’m comfortable even on the most humid days. Whether it’s day or evening, work or weekend, your maxi dress can be accessorized for the occasion. How perfect is that?

With these hot days, I prefer to keep the maxi dress accessories on the minimalist side. With high temps and humidity, less is better but I always want to look good. I love maxi dresses with wedges and bold jewelry. A denim jacket always seems to work as does a floppy hat. I really think you can’t go wrong with a maxi as long as you make sure it doesn’t swallow you up. Have fun and enjoy, it’s summer after all.

Stylish Casual

Maxi Casual

Maxi Casual by debras220 featuring lucky brand handbags

Weekend Lunch

Maxi For Lunch

Maxi For Lunch by debras220 featuring a chevron dress

Chic and Comfortable

Maxi Chic

Maxi Chic by debras220 featuring mossimo

So, are you a maxi girl? If so, how do you like to wear your maxi dress?

20 responses to “Fashion Collage #5”

  1. I like the green one best! Although the pattern is cute. The black one is too evening for me but if I ever did evening stuff it would totally work.

    1. After putting these collages together I want to go shopping. LOL. I love these dresses because they are so easy. And with 2 more days in the 90s I want easy.

  2. I’ll take them all! I agree with you, I keep the accessories simple, since the maxi is already so much! Visiting from SITS.

    1. Hi Jamie, I was so tempted at TJ Maxx this morning by the maxi dresses. LOL. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Cute ideas! Love the green one the best but a little over my budget. But lots of good ideas!
    Stopping by from SITS sharefest. :0)

    1. Thanks! I really didn’t think I liked the green one so much until I went to TJ Maxx this morning hoping to score a green maxi dress. LOL. Sadly, there wasn’t any. But I found capris. Thanks for visiting.

  4. I am LOVING these dresses, great pics! I am always so short for them! Visiting from sharefest!

    1. I can relate. I’m 5’4 and sometimes the maxis are way too long, pooling down and it’s not flattering. But it’s fun to search, isn’t it! Thanks for visiting.

  5. I really like that black maxi!

    1. I saw one similar at TJ Maxx but they didn’t have my size. Darn. Thanks for visiting!

  6. I usually wear maxi’s with flats and LOOOOOONG necklaces.

    1. I love long necklaces. I’m searching for for them now. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I love the looks you put together! Did you use polyvore? I just started using that website and I LOVE it!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I used Polyvore. Love it.

  8. So cute! I love dresses in theory, but anytime I plan to wear one, always end up swapping for pants at the last minute…

  9. Totally cute! I use to wear longer dresses during the summer years ago. Haven’t worn one in a while, but super cute…

    1. Thanks for stopping by to visit!

  10. Yes Yes Yes to maxis no matter how hot…I’m addicted to them. I would take all of these!

  11. Wow!! The green maxi dress is amazing. Nice blog my dear!

    1. I love that dress too. Thank you for the compliment Nd thank you Coe visiting. Have. Great day!

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