My First Pilates Reformer Class

Saturday morning I was off to my first Pilates reformer class. I was so excited and dying to get on the Reformer. I’d been on a reformer only once before. My girl friend had purchased one so I stopped by her house to check it out. I was immediately in love. Time passed, the Reformer was still my dream machine and I started taking weekly mat classes. Then my teacher told me she’d be offering private reformer classes over the summer to fulfill her required teaching hours. “Sign me up”.

What’s A Reformer?

Other than my dream machine? It’s a machine that has a sliding carriage and springs than can be adjusted to make exercises easier or harder. It also has straps, handles, a jump-board that offers variety of exercises. You can do exercises laying down, seated and standing. With the reformer you can work to build flexibility, strength, coordination, speed, endurance and agility.

Mat or Reformer first?

For me personally, I’m glad that I came to the reformer with several mat classes behind me. I’d learned how to breath properly, I learned how to roll down and stack back up properly, I learned to relax my shoulders, I learned to move smoothly in each exercise and not rush the movement and I gained strength (especially in the core) and stamina that I believed made my first reformer class that more effective.

At the beginning of the class, Rose had me warm-up on a foam roller. Instantly it engaged all my core muscles because I needed to balance as I moved through arm and leg movements to warm up. It only took a few minutes but I was ready to hit the reformer.

Rose took me through 16 exercises and I’m hard pressed to pick a favorite. Unfortunately I didn’t have a pad to jot down the exercises I did. But I did find a source on the web that shows all the exercises. These exercises are known as the Reformer 1 or Beginner Reformer exercises. Rose told me that these were the basic exercises and once they are mastered then we move onto other exercises. Some exercises I was very competent in and others that I need a little bit more practice with. Like the Hundreds. Even on the mat I lose track of inhales and exhales. Oye. I loved the Leg Circles, could do those for hours. The Frog is so much fun. The Stomach Massage left me a little confused. So I don’t think I was executing it properly. Love, love, love the Elephant. Running was fun and the Bottom Lift was challenging. The hour went by so fast.

I’d started the day with a good breakfast. Egg whites with half a yolk and spinach on whole wheat toast.

PilatesJuneClass 003

Then I headed off to the gym. Arrived and met up with Rose and we went to the Pilates Studio.

Two Reformers.

PilatesJuneClass 005

One Ladder Barrel.

PilatesJuneClass 006

One Cadillac & a chair.

PilatesJuneClass 004

I left class feeling energized and taller. I am totally hooked and right now I can’t imagine not having this as a part of my regular fitness routine. And at least for the summer it will be a regular part of my fitness routine. Fingers-crossed for the fall.

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