Jillian Michaels Hard Body

“Was that a sigh of agony?” You know you’re doing a Jillian Michaels workout when you hear that question. If easy is what you’re looking for then this dvd isn’t the right one for you. But if you’re looking to change up your workout or progress to the next level, these two 45 minute workouts could be what you are looking for.

Title: Jillian Michaels Hard Body


Level: Advanced

Equipment Needed: Dumbbells

Instructor: Jillian Michaels

What: Two 45-minute interval aero/tone workouts that includes six circuits which you do twice. The workouts progress in difficulty but there are modifications if needed. The cardio is mostly high impact and the toning is tough. Jillian’s encouraging, engaging and motivating.

Release Date: 2012

Why I enjoyed this workout: I love that Jillian doesn’t sugarcoat what needs to be done to get into shape. I really enjoy a 45-minute workout, I feel like I’ve done enough to get a good workout but I didn’t have to spend hours doing the workout. I like working several muscle groups at once, it’s a nice change from my other workouts. I liked the variety and challenge of the exercises. What I’m not sure about is how I feel about the DJ, but then again he wasn’t a distraction from the workout. And just as I feel I’m about to die, that there’s nothing left of me to give, I look up at the television and she Jillian smiling and reminding me that I can finish the workout. Priceless.

Grab your dumbbells and be prepared to sweat.

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  1. I think I should use a Jillian DVD to get me motivated, I’m a major exercise procrastinator. She seems like she could light a fire under me and get me moving!

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