Wild Irish Rose Fashion Inspiration

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I love fall fashion magazines. I love the editorial layouts, I love the ads, I love the thickness of the issues. It takes days to go through all of the issues which makes it a perfect weekend event (yes, I said event) with a cup of tea. As I flip through the pages of the magazine I do run through my wardrobe inventory to see if I can work the looks with what I already own or if I just need just one thing (okay, just one thing sometimes ends up being a couple of somethings). But lets be honest, most of the fashion magazines are geared to younger women in their advertising, editorial and fashion. So as I visualize my wardrobe inventory I am also trying to translate the season’s trends into wearable fashion for me.

From the September issue of Vogue I selected their Wild Irish Rose fashion trend to translate into my life. I found pieces that could work for me.

In Vogue there was a focus on long, sweeping skirts and while I absolutely love them I find that right now I would prefer something more structured and feminine. I feel that certain lengths of skirts and fabrics while they may be considered appropriate for women in their 40s & 50s can tend to be a little…dowdy… a little aging… and not so flattering. Basically, this season I’m not feeling the long, sweeping skirt. And my wallet is definitely not feeling the price tag of the Burberry skirt I picked for my Fashion Translation Collage. The floral laced pencil skirt is both classic and contemporary and beyond my budget. But I do now have an image in my head when I hit the mall.

The one Wild Irish Rose look I fell in love with was wool and feathered lace dress with a cardigan, tailored jacket and scarf. So picking out pieces for this Collage I found a cardigan that would work with a dress and jeans. The wine colored booties are already on my wish-list for fall. The chunky scarf is a must-have and as is a chunky sweater. I had so much fun finding pieces for this collage and right now I can’t wait for the leaves to start changing colors.

Wild Irish Rose

Joules chunky sweater
$110 – johnlewis.com

Fendi suede ankle boots
$915 – stylebop.com

Wool hat

Even odd brown scarve
$19 – zalando.co.uk

Is their an item that’s in your closet or being pushed as a “must-have” for fall that you’re just not feeling?

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