Opposite Day Fashion Inspiration

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Today we’re looking at Elle magazine for our Fashion Inspiration and it’s black and white.

Now, I usually associated black and white with spring. There’s something about the crispness of the black and white that is refreshing after a long winter of darker colors and weighty fabrics. Whether it’s zebra prints or traditional polka dots, black and white have always signaled spring to me. But this year the classic combination is heralding in a new season – fall.

When I came across the editorial layout I was intrigued and a bit skeptical. Could I embrace black and white as the temps cool down and the days get shorter? Could I find a way to add this trend into my fall wardrobe?

Turns out I’ve already started. Two years ago I bought a black and white dress for a wedding and I’ve managed to wear it to work, to dinner and to a holiday party. I simply love it.

Then I got a white sweater dress for a steal in spring and love pairing the dress with black suede boots.

I have a white knit skirt that love wearing with a black turtleneck, black tights and black suede boots.

So, I guess I can rock this trend without having to buy too many more pieces. Though, I’m loving the black tote with white stripe down the center I found when putting together my Fashion Inspiration Collage. I wouldn’t mind having that in my closet. 🙂

How do you feel about black and white for fall? Love it? Hate it? In between? Or already rocking your spectator look?

Opposite Day

Opposite Day by debras220 featuring a white studded handbag

4 responses to “Opposite Day Fashion Inspiration”

  1. I hope no one takes away my white! I don’t care that it’s after Labor Day (is that even a rule anymore)? I love to wear my white pants with dark colors…including black. It just looks pulled together and is so easy to do.

  2. I think that fashion rule is outdated. I love white with dark colors.

  3. I saw the Menrepeller wearing those Valentino shoes in NYFW feed and I immediately fell in love. I just can’t even think about paying that amount of $$$ for a pair of shoes when I have another son going to college pretty soon…lol.
    And for the Labor Day rule? me no English.

    1. I hear you! One of our pups needs his teeth cleaned so those shoes are definitely out of my budget. So I’ll be looking in the mall for something similar at a much lower price.

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