The Art of Play

Mondays can be hard, can’t they? This Monday seemed more brutal that the previous few. Maybe it’s because the realization that the holiday season is upon us and this means that my job is going to become crazy. We have a high-volume of work during the months of November and December. This isn’t anything new, somehow we manage to survive but this year it’s going to be a little different. We’re down two people. Ouch.

‘Tis the season.

I had an unexpected errand at work, rushed to make dinner so that I could hit the treadmill for 40 minutes and then there were dishes to deal with and some writing to do. I was focused on revising a scene, it needed to be done tonight. But my pups had different plans for me. In short, they wanted to play.

I tried to resist, that didn’t work. Then I tried to phone it in, you know grab a toy and engage in play while working. Susie wasn’t buying any of it. She wanted to play and she wanted my full attention.

I relented. Within minutes I was on the floor with her and we each had a limb of the toy duck pulling to win. Then Billy came over to join us. Before I knew it I was no longer thinking about the scene or work or the dishes that needed to be put away. I was laughing and Susie was wagging her tail feverishly, she was happy. Billy was happy to, he grabbed his Angry Bird toy and trotted off to the other end of the family room (it’s his thing).

102813 064

102813 063

102813 068

While it was actually just a few minutes, it was the world to Susie and Billy. And when they were finally done playing, they each went their separate ways (Susie jumped up on the sofa and Billy settled by the back door) and I was totally relaxed and happy. What a great way to end the day.

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