Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year! It’s 2014. I’m so excited to be sharing the first week of 2014 right here on my blog. I’ve missed AMT so much over the past couple of months and it feels so good to be back. My New Year’s Day started off a little later than usual as I didn’t set the alarm clock. No, there was no schedule, no to-do list, just the day with the pups and husband. And the cold. So I spent the morning all cozy. Pancakes and coffee and some light reading material. Cozy and lazy. Perfect way to ring in the New Year, right?

There was no rush to get dressed since there was no schedule. Hanging in pjs and comfy, cozy slippers on the sofa with the pups. To keep the cold at bay, I like to add a soft scarf. Could it get any better?

NY2014 Morning

NY2014 Morning by debras220 featuring christmas drinkware

A gal can’t spend the whole day on the sofa. Well, I guess she could with the right television series marathon. After two cups of coffee and a bunch of magazines read through, it was time to workout. My workout was done inside but if I was heading out I definitely would have had to worn a coat. I’m craving a white puffer coat. Fingers crossed for a good sale. Add in a good motivational phrase to get your through your workout and a cool bag and you’re ready to head out to the gym.


NY2014Workout by debras220 featuring home wall decor

After my workout and a shower it was time to for dinner. Since we ate out last night, our traditional Chinese dinner at a local restaurant, I decided to cook at home. Nothing fancy and nothing complicated. A one-pot meal is perfect for a lazy day. But just because it’s a lazy day and uber-simple dinner doesn’t mean that it can’t be shared with friends. And keeping with the easy theme of the day, I wanted to be presentable for guests but comfortable for myself.

NY 2014 Dinner

NY 2014 Dinner by debras220 featuring Le Creuset

I hope your 2014 is off to a great start.

Happy New Year!


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