The Monday Sweat Report

With my goal to complete 3-4 workouts a week I thought I would keep myself accountable by posting my previous week’s workouts.


Sunday – no workout
Monday – 40 minutes on treadmill
Tuesday – no workout
Wednesday – no workout
Thursday– 30 minutes on the treadmill & 20 minutes strength training
Friday – no workout
Saturday– no workout
Sunday – Bootcamp dvd

Now in black and white my week wasn’t so great. I’d allowed other things to keep me from doing the workouts I’d wanted to do when I wanted to do them. One of the biggest obstacles was tackling the membership duties for a group I’m volunteering for. I spent Thursday and Friday night, about five hours in total, making sense of the whole renewal process. Now that I’ve done that I am able to manage it in smaller time amounts. January is membership renewal for over 200 members. I’ve also decided that my workout will happen right after I come home. I did that Thursday night and even though I my mind really wanted me to head to computer I headed to the treadmill.

So for this week my arriving back home will go like this: greet dogs, take coat off, drop tote bag, head upstairs, change into workout clothes, get on treadmill, walk then grab some weights, strength train and then shower. Only after all that occurs will there be dinner and anything else I need to get done will get done.

Essentially I’m going to behave as if I am going to a gym straight from work and not allow anything in the house to distract me. Not even the pups. I’ll grab them, take them with me to the treadmill so at least we’re all three together for the 40 minutes.

Fingers-crossed for this week. I intend my next week’s Monday Sweat Report to be a whole lot better.

How to you fit your workouts into your day?


6 responses to “The Monday Sweat Report”

  1. That is how I get my workouts done at night! I pet the cat, change, and then head straight downstairs. If I even sit down for a second then it’s all over! 🙂 I am thinking about taking my running clothes to work because I lose out on the warmest weather during my 45 minute commute. We’ll see how that works out for me. 🙂

    I think this is great for someone who just started on this path. I like your name of Monday Sweat Report!

  2. I did good last night, so hopefully this will work for me. The name just popped into my head one night. LOL. Funny how that happens.

  3. I use to go to the gym every day after work. Unfortunately, I work 10 hours and get off at 7. It just wasn’t working out. I haven’t quite figured out how to work working out in my day but I need to!

    1. Hi Meg, It’s not easy, is it? I realized what I was doing wasn’t working so I needed to find something different. Your schedule does sound challenging but I would probably start with a small goal and go from there. Small successes add up! Thanks for visiting.

  4. Don’t beat yourself up! I think that week looks great. You could have done nothing at all. Every little bit helps and it all counts.

    1. You’re right. I could have chosen to do nothing. Why are we so hard on ourselves? Thank you, Melissa. Have a great day.

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