Friday Five – What’s In My Bag

It’s finally Friday. Sure it’s cold, really cold, but it’s Friday. And I thought I’d step out of my box and try something very different and very scary. A vlog. Between the time that I made this video and now as I write I was so tempted to delete this video but I decided to forward with my plan. What was I thinking?

As I mentioned in the video, I got the idea of sharing five things that are in my bag from Nicole over at If you have a chance, please visit her blog and maybe say “hi”.

I was inspired to do a video by one of my favorite bloggers, Margo over at Brooklyn Fit Chick. I love her videos. Her great energy coupled with her passion for fitness makes her blog a must-read for me.

Phew. It’s over and I survived. I think I need a t-shirt. “I vlogged and lived to tell about it.” 🙂

Now, it’s your turn. What’s in your handbag that you NEED every day?

8 responses to “Friday Five – What’s In My Bag”

  1. There is no way I’d show anybody what’s in my bag. Right now there’s two cookies in it that I keep forgetting to give my son. Someone might think I might eat them.

    The only thing in my bag that I need IS my wallet. LOL! Oh, wait and my chapstick.

    1. Two cookies, sure they’re for your son. 🙂 LOL!!!

  2. Your vlog turned out great. I hope you do more of them.

    1. Thank you, Heidi. I think I will make another one for next week. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the link love. I found a massive hole in my purse yesterday and several items in that hole that I thought I had lost. I guess it’s time to buy a new purse!

    1. LOL!!! It does sound like it’s time to get a new bag. Lucky you! I love buying bags.

  4. Love it! I have major hair envy right now, your curls are beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Monica. I’m pretty sure when I have a bad hair day I will come back to your comment. 🙂

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