A Tasty & Healthy Cookie

What do get when you add pumpkin, spices and dark chocolate chips together? One tasty cookie! Last fall I stumbled upon this recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies and knew I had to make them for Thanksgiving. Christmas. And recently for a friend’s birthday.

02222014 053

There are a few things to love about this cookie. First, it’s healthy. Who doesn’t love a guilt-free cookie? Whole-wheat flour, pumpkin (naturally packed with benefits including Vitamin C, Vitamin A and fiber to name a few) and dark chocolate all mixed into one cookie (or two…three). Second, they are light in texture. Third, they don’t trigger a sweet attack. You know, where you eat one and before you realize you’ve cleaned out the whole cookie jar. And one more thing, this recipe is easy to make. Healthy and easy and tasty. What more could you ask from a cookie?

Since this recipe isn’t my own you’ll have to visit the Culinary Institute of America for the recipe.

Lets have one more look at these cookies. 🙂

02222014 046

Happy Baking!

2 responses to “A Tasty & Healthy Cookie”

  1. Sounds good! I recently went gluten free though and since it’s only been a week I haven’t ventured into the baking substitution thing yet. But I bet it would be easy to do with this recipe.

    1. Hi Carla, I think it would be easy to substitute. My girlfriend also wants to try adapting the recipe to gluten free too. Let me know if you try. It’s always good to have a few good GF recipes on hand.

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