March Issue of Shape Magazine

I’ve been waiting patiently for it the March issue of Shape to arrive, as I’ve caught glimpses of it all week at local grocery stores. Finally it came. And I immediately opened it up to page 20, Sharon Stone’s story.

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I enjoyed reading the article written by Claire Connors and I liked reading about Ms. Stone’s workout. What I didn’t enjoy reading was the comments on Facebook.

There was a link to a video of behind the scenes of the photo shoot but before I headed over there I read through the comments about Ms. Stone’s article. The divide is clear about Sharon Stone on the cover of Shape magazine. Here’s a sampling:

“Secret? starting a the top, wig, botox, collagen injections, anorexia and a good dose of photo shop. I am so jealous, can’t you tell lolol”

“Obviously a face lift”

“She is awesome.”

“The secret?? Photoshop!!!!!!!!”

“Omg she looks amazing.”


There was even a comment about how inappropriate it was for a 56 year old woman to be squatting in a bikini. Hell, when I’m 56 and still able to squat and wear a bikini you better believe I will. Inappropriate or not.

When I realized that I was getting irritated at the comments I did leave the page because I didn’t want to engage, believe me I was tempted. I simply thanked Shape for putting a woman over 40 on the cover. Photoshopped or not, I am happy with the cover.

I began to think about the average woman and the celebrity. Two different worlds, two different sets of priorities but one thing in common – we all want to feel beautiful. Several of the comments referred to the financial resources Ms. Stone has to stay fit and look youthful. Average women don’t have those resources but today’s average women have a lot more tools to help them from prematurely aging than their mothers did.

When my mother was in her late 40s she didn’t have all the products that are available to me just a click away on my computer.

My mom would have liked to have a personal microderm device that exfoliates and softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I love my and use it weekly.

My mom would have liked to have a at-home facial toner that improves facial contour and toning. I swear by mine, especially for my left brow which is a little lower than my other.

My mom would have liked to have a hand-held LED device that treats facial wrinkles from under the skin surface. This is new to me so I’m curious about the results.

Add the quality of skincare products now produced and you can see that what was once only available to a few is now available to many. We’ve moved the conversation of cosmetic procedures from whispers which always reminded me of confessing a deep, dark secret to lunch with the girls. Whether it’s injections, lunchtime treatments or home devices, we have a choice of how we age.

My mother’s generation and her mother’s generation saw contemporary actresses quietly retire or resign themselves to taking parts of mothers, grandmothers or spinsters. That’s not the case anymore. And I think that’s great. I also like the trickle-down theory of taking cosmetic enhancements that would cost thousands of dollars and making them affordable for an average gal like me.

Go Hollywood!

Aging is a process and lets celebrate it.

Go aging!

Ms. Stone shared some of her secrets and I fessed up some of mine, so what is your secret for looking & feeling more youthful?

8 responses to “March Issue of Shape Magazine”

  1. How sad that some people feel the need to be bitter and petty over another woman’s success!! Guess what commentators, EVERYONE who appears on the cover of a magazine has had a little computer/Photoshop/lighting/makeup help to look amazing, but that doesn’t make their hard work to stay fit any less worthwhile!! And personally, I think that if I can rock a bikini at her age, I will absolutely do squats in one. ;P Stopping by from SITS!!

    1. Well said! I think the thing that got me was the behavior on FB. Moms tell their daughters not to behave that way and then they turn around and trash another woman. I guess they need a time-out. 🙂 Thanks for the visit!

  2. My have times have changed. I find that there are many things I have and do that my mother just does not relate to as well. It just goes to show you a sign of the times.

    1. Same with my mom. Times do change. Thanks for visiting!

  3. I don’t know if I have any secrets about aging gracefully, but I enjoyed reading your post as I just finished reading this issue with Sharon Stone and I too thought she looked amazing. I choose to take it as inspiring and flip the page. Visiting via #SITSSharefest Saturday linkup

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed my post. I like your choice to take the article as inspiring. Have a great weekend!

  4. I do botox, chemical peels, and radio frequency skin tightening treatments. I also have been using retina for about 20 years. I get mistaken for about 28-29 but proudly admit I’m 49. I love all the non invasive ways we can fight aging!

    1. It’s awesome that the technology today allows us to have options. Thanks for sharing! And thanks for visiting today.

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