Spring Fashions Don’ts

For the first time in a while I’ve found that there are a lot of trends this coming season that I think I will pass on. While flipping through the pages of my fashion magazines I was seeing a lot of looks that had me raising an eyebrow (or two).

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Now I know that being forty-something doesn’t exactly put me in the demographics of most of these magazines, but I believe one way to stay youthful is to keep an open mind about most things. So when I flip through the pages of a fashion magazine I know that many of the looks aren’t meant for me. But that doesn’t mean I can translate some of the looks and trends into something that works for me and keeps me stylish. This time around, I got worried. So many photographs, editorial layouts and so-many “huhs?”.

We all know the runway is really more about show than reality. Like this look would ever make it to my local Stop & Shop.


Some of the trends won’t work because of my body. Plain and simple. Then there are others that I just don’t like. I decided to share with you the trends most likely will not be in my closet this Spring.

Pleated Skirt

There are so many things wrong with this skirt for me I can’t even begin to list them. I love the look of them but for my body type and personal style they won’t be finding their way into my closet. I’ll just admire from afar.

The Mini Bag

Love the idea of them but they are so impractical day-to-day for me. I’m definitely a big bag kinda gal. Maybe, I’ll put the mini inside the big bag. 🙂

Cropped Pants
I’m on the fence about cropped pants. Generally this style of pants ends just a few inches above the ankle and I don’t believe they flatter me very much. But I do like the look of them on others. I guess slipping into a 4 inch heel would help visually elongate me.

Perforated Leather
Not a big fan but I may be able to warm up to this one. I did see a few pieces that I liked and could see how they would fit into my wardrobe. Though, honestly, I don’t see me wearing any leather from April to October.

Now to the trend I’m seeing everywhere but believe me, it will not be worn by me ever. Never. Ever. Ever.

Cropped tops and skirts

This is a trend made for twenty-somethings. In one magazine there are two pages of the most adorable cropped top and skirt sets. I mentally said to myself, step away from the magazine. LOL. Absolutely adorable but definitely no business in the closet of a forty-something.

In the coming weeks I’ll share with you some trends that I believe I can work into my world. That has me excited about Spring fashion.

Until then, have you seen any trends or “must-have” for Spring that you know won’t work for you?

14 thoughts on “Spring Fashions Don’ts

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  1. Hi just found your blog via #SITSSharefest
    I am also a fashion blogger, and for the most part take much style advice from magazines. I’ve come to learn to just wear what I love and makes me feel confident. Even if that means sometimes it may be a fashion don’t! LOL

  2. Would you consider a cropped sweater (top) layered over a longer silky top? Just a thought:). I think it’s potentially a more grown up and sophisticated way to wear the trend:)

    1. That’s a good idea! This past fall I ventured out to try a new look (at least for me 🙂 ) of wearing a pullover sweater over a button down shirt with the hem of the shirt showing. It was fun. I could try that with the new crop top look and pair it with a pair of straight-legged pants. Thanks for the tip and thanks for visiting.

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