Spring Into Fit

Can you feel spring in the air yet? If you can, lucky you. Me? Not so much. The days are longer and we lost an hour of sleep over the weekend but there still is snow piled up and a serious chill in the air. But that doesn’t mean winter will last forever. Spring will be here soon which means bye-bye to layers of clothes and hello to baring a little skin (or maybe more if you wear one of those cropped tops).


I admit, I lost a little motivation over the past few weeks. I’ve been distracted because of volunteer work that has turned out to be significantly more work that originally expected. It hasn’t been unusual for me to spend up to two hours an evening a few times a week working on the project. Add in my full-time job, taking care of our home and there isn’t much time or energy left for anything else. But working out does make me feel better and I do have more energy. And with spring coming I’m highly motivated to spend a little time in my yoga pants doing some squats.

Having been feeling uninspired over the past few weeks I got to thinking about how to spring back into fitness. Find motivation that will sustain me through the coming weeks.

1. Show Up

Half the battle is just getting there. Whether it’s to your treadmill, your favorite running trail or to the gym, once you’re there you’ll workout. What choice will you have? You may start running on empty but once those enphorphins start kicking in you’ll be rockin’ your workout. And you’re be so proud of yourself. I’ll keep reminding myself of this.

2. Change What You Do

Changing up your workouts not only forces your body to adapt to new movements but it keeps it fun. I have a collection of workout dvds so I’ll just grab 3-4 dvds (kickboxing, aero-tone, dance, barre) and mix it up all week long.

3. Mark The Date

Try marking your workout days in your calendar. When I do this I find that I schedule other things around my workout and not the other way around. I found when I stopped doing this my workouts fell down to the bottom of the list. Not a good thing.

4. Get a Buddy

Find a workout buddy that has similar goals and you’ll find accountability. And also you may find a little competitive spirit that may push you on the hard days. Right now there is no one in my life who wants to make fitness a priority so I’ll turn to other bloggers and make them my workout buddies. 🙂

5. Pick a Dress

Rather than putting a number on the scale, pick a dress or a pair of jeans you want to be in by summer. For me, I’ve decided that I want to wear a pair of colored jeans (a fun color like red or green or aqua) but I want to be down a size before I wear them. Having this type of goal is highly motivating for me, so pick your goal.

These five tips will definitely help keep me motivated over the next few weeks and hopefully by summer I’ll be fitting into my goal jeans. Maybe you’ll find a tip or two that will jumpstart your Spring fitness. Or, maybe you have a tip that will help me or others. When you slack on workouts, what motivates you to get back into your routine?

12 responses to “Spring Into Fit”

  1. These are wonderful suggestions.

    1. Thanks, Kathy. Fingers-crossed they work for me. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Great tips! I usually lack motivation when I’m not getting the results I want. If I’m not getting the results I want then I look to see if I’m really doing what I need to be doing. As much as I love volunteer work, I had put a stop on it the last few years because it took more time and money than I can afford. I’m starting to rethink that again because there is a metal happiness you get from helping others. So even though it might be a little more than you thought, I bet you are getting a huge benefit from it.

    I love workout DVDs too!

    1. You’re right about volunteer work. It does feel good to give back and that’s why I decided to volunteer again after several years of not being involved. Hopefully I can get the work under control.

  3. Hi Debra.

    I always tell my daughter to do #5 and she thought that wouldn’t motivate her. I have a pair of jeans I keep to go by for my weight. As long as they fit, I’m good :).

    Thanks for these tips. It’s been hard hitting the treadmill since the holidays girl! My hubby and I are going to pair up and work out together. Now we’re arguing about the music, lol.

    Happy Wednesday! Thanks so much for sharing this at the I’m Every Woman Weekly Linky!

    1. That’s a great tip of using a pair of jeans for keeping you in check. Oh, my, gosh, my husband and I wouldn’t be able to agree on music. We both have such different tastes. LOL. Good luck!

  4. Stopping by from I’m Every Woman Weekly blog. I have always had a tough time keeping to a fitness routine, unless I have a work out buddy. That’s my motivation … don’t want to let her down!

    1. Workout buddies are great. They keep us motivated in so many ways. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Yes, having a goal like fitting into something is great motivation. I know I get discouraged when I weight myself in on a regular basis. So I don’t. Once a month maybe. But how our clothes are fitting are an excellent indicator of how we’re doing with our weight. Right now I have my wedding dress hanging up. Right now it fits perfect and I’d like that to remain. I’m hoping to tone up and build some muscular definition in the areas that are not in the dress

    the buddy system has never really worked for me.

    1. I like the idea of using an article of clothing to keep us in check rather than the scale. Best wishes on your wedding. Thank you for stopping by.

  6. Great tips! I love to workout and my co-workers and staff always seem to notice when I miss my morning workout. It’s a good thing that rarely happens, LOL! It’s true on those days when you feel unmotivated if you can just get to the gym or even put on your workout clothes, it helps put you in workout mode. I enjoy mixing things up and having a workout buddy can be helpful. But you have to find a buddy who workouts at the same intensity as you do. Otherwise one of you is not getting enough of a workout and the other may be in intense pain later!

    1. Hi Shannon, It’s so true that the ones around us can tell when we’ve missed workouts. LOL. You’re right about having a workout buddy who workouts out at your same intensity. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!

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