Leslie Sansone 5K With A Twist

Looking for a fun, solid cardio workout? Try Leslie Sansone’s 5K With A Twist. I really enjoy this dvd and when I’m on the fence about working out I will reach for this dvd because I enjoy it and I’m sweaty at the end. Probably more importantly, it’s a nice change from walking on the treadmill.

Title: 5K With A Twist

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Instructor: Leslie Sansone
Equipment Needed: None

What: One 45-minute aerobic workout that includes several two-minute higher intensity power bursts. This walking workout will take you “3.1” miles and the power bursts include jogging and kicking. The workout is primarily low-impact, except for the power bursts which you can modify if needed. The multi-muscle moves ramps up the calorie burn plus the brisk pace averages 4 to 5 mph keeps your heart rate up.

Release Date: 2009

Why I enjoyed this workout: Leslie is friendly, chatty and motivating. I like the one-on-one with her because she’s not busy “talking” to background exercisers, which after a few workouts become annoying. I like the compound moves that burn extra calories and they also keep the workout interesting.  Her intervals can be challenging, depending on your fitness level. This is a good cardio workout and a good choice if you’re looking for a change of pace.

Grab your water bottle and be prepared to sweat.

One response to “Leslie Sansone 5K With A Twist”

  1. I got my mom a Leslie Sans one DVD but she doesn’t like her voice. However, we both admit it’s a good workout.

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