Fashion Collage – Early Fall Lunch Date

We’re in that odd seasonal place now – the last weeks of summer and the beginning of autumn. As we ease out of summer and into autumn the weather is a crap shoot. Hot, humid one day, cool, breezy the next day and damp, rainy the next. Dressing for this transition period is challenging to say the least. But this gal is always up for a challenge.

Looking at the calendar I’m making mental notes of the activities I’d like to do before winter sets in. There’s apple picking, there’s the trek up to the largest outdoor flea market in Connecticut, there’s pumpkin picking, there’s a mega-yarn expo, antiquing and there’s always a lunch date.

With a lunch date with the girls coming up soon I’ve been thinking what I’d like to wear. I’ve put together a fashion collage of a look that will work weather the day is a little too hot or nicely cool.

Early Fall Lunch

Early Fall Lunch by debras220 featuring suede booties

What early autumn activity are you looking forward too and what item are you dying to wear during the transition between summer and fall?


3 responses to “Fashion Collage – Early Fall Lunch Date”

  1. Well, to be honest, where I live (Southern California), there may not be an autumn. Sometimes summer will go into February. But, in a perfect, season having world. I would say I enjoy wrapping up in a warm sweater and enjoying my sons high school football games with a pumpkin latte in hand.

    1. Summer through February? I’m going to be so jealous in a few months as I dig out of a snowstorm. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I love everything about this outfit! Great representation of fall in an ensemble.

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