Friday Five – Bye Bye Summer

As we ease into autumn I’d like to share five things I will miss about summer.

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1. Having windows open. I really love fresh air and it’s a pleasure to have the windows and doors open all day. I will miss that during the cold months.
2. Floppy hats. I love hats and during the summer I can indulge because those big brims help keep the sun off of my fair skin.
3. Sandals. By the time winter is over I’m dying to get into a pair of sandals. They’re so easy to slip on and work with everything. I’ll miss the sandals.
4. Rizzoli & Isles. The summer season is over. Now I have to wait until later in the winter. Boo!
5. Longer days. I love that during the summer it stays light out until around 9pm. I really hate daylight savings time and in a few weeks we’ll be setting the clock back. And it’s really annoying to have to change all the clocks and that it’s dark just after 4pm. What’s with that?

I know that there are some really great things to look forward to in the autumn and I will take a few days to mourn the loss of summer but it’ll be back next year. And I’ll be pulling out the sandals and floppy hats and throwing open the windows.

So, what will you miss from the summer as fall approaches?

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