Look Who Crashed My First Fashion Shoot

I had this bright idea to take some photos for an upcoming post on coats. I selected one coat, got a scarf and set up my tripod. I experimented and quickly came to the conclusion that I am not photogenic and that I am far too critical of myself to be doing this. I mean, there was a long list of flaws I had even before I downloaded the photos. I’m not sure if the photo will ever appear on this blog or if I will make another attempt at selfies for posts. But, my little guy Billy doesn’t have any problem crashing my photo shoot and the little furball is extremely photogenic. He never takes a bad photo. Lucky dog!

A big yawn for a little guy.


Settling in for a nap.


This photo of me isn’t so bad. Maybe I’ll always shoot with Billy in my arms. đŸ™‚



So, how do you feel about pictures of yourself? Love them? Hate them? Will putting myself in front of the camera more often decrease the self-criticism?



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