Cookie Baking Secrets

There’s one thing I know and that is how to bake a cookie. Actually, at this time of the year I usually bake hundreds of cookies and over the years I’ve learned a thing or two. Today, in preparation of the cookie baking season, I’d like to share with you some of my tips.

Chill It Baby
Chill cookie dough for rolled, shaped and dropped cookies. And because your cookie dough is probably large you’ll want to divide it into batches so that you’re always working with chilled dough. If you need to roll your dough for your recipe, be sure to divide into disks, roll, then chill.

Soften Just Right
To cream butter perfectly for your recipe you need to begin with soften butter. Lightly press your index finger into the stick of butter. Your finger should just start to indent the surface. If that occurs, you’re good to go. If you’re butter is too soft it will cause the dough to spread, if it’s too firm it will hinder the creaming process.


Keep It Uniform
One of the best tools you’ll add to your kitchen will be a cookie scoop. These scoops make cookies perfectly portioned which will result in same size, evenly baked cookies every time.

Timing Is Everything
Don’t forget to set your oven timer and it’s a good idea to set it a couple of minutes earlier than instructed on the recipe because each oven is different. Until you know the exact baking time for that cookie in your oven it doesn’t hurt to take this extra step.

Cold Sheets
Use cold or room temperature cookie sheets for baking. Don’t put cookies on warm or hot sheets because if you do the cookie dough will spread and you won’t get the cookies you are hoping for.

Just A Dusting
Use as little flour as possible when you are rolling out cookie dough. You don’t want a tough cookie.


Measure, Measure, Measure
Use dry measuring cups not liquid measuring cups when measuring out the dry ingredients for your cookie dough. Be sure to level off your flour with a straight edge utensil.

Simple, quick tips that will make cookie baking so easy. We all have tips in the kitchen and this time of the year we all can appreciate a little help, so what’s your best, favorite, go-to tip for baking?

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