Fashion Collage – Black Friday

Once upon a time, a curious woman decided to venture out on the Friday after Thanksgiving to experience an American tradition. The mall parking lot was full, the mall was packed with shoppers and she was underwhelmed by the sales the retailers offered. Needless to say, she returned home tired, frustrated and cured from ever attempting such a crazy thing ever again. I’ve learned over the years that’s there’s a much better way to spend Black Friday and this year I will not be one of the estimated 140 million shoppers out and about scoring deals. Rather, I’ll be staying home, making brunch, doing a workout followed by some chilling on the sofa (yes, the one day where I enjoy being a couch potato) to curl up with the pups, holiday movies and my stack of magazines to catch up on. Best. Day. Ever.

I found a few things that would definitely jumpstart a workout after the biggest food day of the year. I also think that by making exercise a part of the kickoff to the Christmas season as a way to set yourself up for fitness success through the new year.

A Fit Black Friday


A Fit Black Friday by debras220 featuring a yoga activewear

How do you spend Black Friday? If you’re one of the Black Friday Shoppers, what’s your strategy to get through the mall without losing your sanity?

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