Fashion Collage – Trimming the Tree

There are 19 days to Christmas. 19 days! There’s so much to get done. Shopping. Wrapping. Menu planning. Decorating. Tree trimming. 19 days! Deep breaths. Deep breaths. It’s possible to get it all done without completely stressing out. Right? Maybe if I focus on something I truly love and that is trimming the tree. Whether it’s my tree or a friend’s tree, I love decorating a tree. When I’m doing my own tree I typically am wearing my pjs. Yeah, that’s right. PJs. After I finish decorating I make a cup of hot cocoa and curl up on the sofa with the pups to look at the tree. It’s a perfect afternoon.

Sometimes I’m lucky enough to be invited to a friends house for a tree trimming party. I choose not to wear my pjs to those events. 🙂 Instead, I look for something that is comfortable, causal and fun. Like festive earrings. Then I like to pair a simple sweater, cowl necks feel cozy and I find that they look good on me with a pair of skinny jeans. I typically shy away from decorative holiday sweaters but if I were to wear one I would wear it to trim the tree. My shoe choice is always flats. They’re easy to wear and easy to move around the tree in.

Trimming the Tree

Trimming the Tree by debras220 featuring christmas ornaments

What’s your tree trimming tradition? Is it a family event or do you ask friends to come over to help out? What outfit do you reach for when you’re decorating your tree?

2 responses to “Fashion Collage – Trimming the Tree”

  1. My family puts our quirky, nostalgic tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving. We enjoy this time because our tree ornaments all have a special meaning.

    1. Hi Glenda, That’s a beautiful tradition. The ornaments that are the most precious are the ones that have special meaning. This week I just bought a new one, a little snowman with a duck (there’s a history with ducks around here) and I bought it to hang on our tree because this year our nephew and his wife had their first baby. My new tradition will every new niece and nephew will have their own ornament on our tree.

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