Welcome to A Modern Translation, my lifestyle blog. I’ve come to realize that my lifestyle today is very different than my grandmother’s and mother’s lives when they were my age. After all, it’s a new century with unlimited potential. I don’t, and you don’t, have to settle with what has been the matter of course. We can translate our lives into anything we want. Enough of this, lets get to the reason why you’re here. You wanted to get to know me a little better. Rather than write up a lengthy bio about myself, I decided to put together a quick list of important info.

1 – I’m in my 50’s.

2 – I love, love, love my Shih-Tzus. You’ll be seeing quite of bit of Susie and Billy.

3 – I love to exercise.

4 – I love New York pizza.

5 – I was born and raised in NYC (hence the love for the pizza).

6 – I majored in my hobby – buying. Fashion Buying and Merchandising to be exact.

7 – I love to cook.

8 – I enjoy a good book and I have way too many favorite authors to list.

9 – I am a struggling gardener.

10 – I believe the higher the heel, the closer to God.

There you have it. Ten snippets of info on me. Thanks for stopping by!


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