Body Image

It’s The Only One I Get

For today’s Wednesday Wellness link-up, hosted by Maureen of Scoops of Joy and Rina of Cute Coconut I selected the the prompt of why I love my body.


We’ve all had the “I hate my body” moment. For some of us, those moments are fleeting – they go as fast as they came. Unfortunately for some women that moment extends to days, weeks, months and sometimes even years. They become depressed or fall victim to disordered eating or give up on themselves entirely. I find it incredibly sad when a woman bases her self-worth on the size of jeans she’s able to fit into.

Where there’s no self-worth there is no self-love.

If you constantly point out your muffin top or your thunder thighs when you look in the mirror, you’re missing the most important thing that is standing in front of you and that is YOU. We only get one body, one life. Are you really going to waste it because there are some lines on your face and some cellulite action happening on the back of your legs?

I’ve been fortunate, I haven’t spent my life hating my body. Sure, I’ve had those “I hate my body” moments. Some moments did last longer than others, but I snapped out of it. How and why?

I only get one body. I only get one life. And if you verbally abuse yourself long enough, and you treat your body like a garbage can dumping all sorts of crap into it day after and day and refuse to give it the opportunity to move on a regular basis then as you age you will have a body that cannot function and you will be spending the best years of your life sitting on a chair watching the world pass you by. I know this to be a truth. I see women every day who are younger than me or just a couple of years older than me live with aches and pains and low-energy levels. I don’t want that kind of body or that kind of life.

I love my body because it carries me through the day. My body picks up my dogs to hug and my body walks so I can lead our little pack. My body can curl up on a sofa so I can cuddle with my husband. My body can fill up the bird feeders every morning so I can enjoy a little bit of nature. My body can carry those 40 pound bags of bird seed so the little guys don’t go hungry. My body can stand in the kitchen for hours so I can bake Christmas cookies. My body allows me to live each day to its fullest. That’s why I love my body.

Loving isn’t always easy. We have to love the body we have and not hold out that love until our body morphs into the body we want. That song lyric “love the one you’re with” applies here. Love what you got.

Feel free to share why you love your body. Is there a particular part you love? Me? My legs.

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