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Dress Code

I love wearing dresses. They are so easy and in the winter they are ridiculously easy to wear with boots. Morning routine? Dress. Check. Tights. Check. Boots. Check. See how easy that was? On a busy, crazy, chilly morning a dress and a pair of boots can save my sanity. Another bonus? You look fabulous.

Dress Code

I prefer above-the-knee or knee length dresses to pair with my boots and I adore taking my spring dresses and slipping a cardigan over them to stretch out their season. The beauty about dresses and boots is that you can be very polished or very boho depending on your mood. And that’s what is fun about fashion. So when you combine fun with easy to wear you have a great start to the day and a great look.

How about you? Do you enjoy wearing dresses? Do you have a particular style you gravitate toward?

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Fashion Collage – Casual December Saturday

Another week has flown by and when I got home last night from work there was a stack of boxes on our front step. My Christmas shopping had arrived. I’d spent last weekend online making purchases and they magically showed up last night already for me to wrap. Having most of my holiday shopping done means that I get to enjoy a lazy weekend. I’ll run my regular errands, I’ll exercise and I’ll work on some blog posts. I may get together with a couple of friends for lunch and for this week’s fashion collage I decided to pull together a look that will inspire me when I go into my closet to get dressed tomorrow morning.

This is the kind of look I’m extremely comfortable in and I love stud earrings. Stud earrings are my go-to earrings on a daily basis because they are so easy to wear and look great regardless of what I’m wearing. I’m dying to pull out my faux fur infinity scarf (yeah, that’s a mouthful) and toss it on with a simple cable sweater.

Casual December Saturday

What are your plans for the weekend? A little holiday baking? Shopping? Or, just hanging around the house?

Fashion Collage

Fashion Collage – Black Friday

Once upon a time, a curious woman decided to venture out on the Friday after Thanksgiving to experience an American tradition. The mall parking lot was full, the mall was packed with shoppers and she was underwhelmed by the sales the retailers offered. Needless to say, she returned home tired, frustrated and cured from ever attempting such a crazy thing ever again. I’ve learned over the years that’s there’s a much better way to spend Black Friday and this year I will not be one of the estimated 140 million shoppers out and about scoring deals. Rather, I’ll be staying home, making brunch, doing a workout followed by some chilling on the sofa (yes, the one day where I enjoy being a couch potato) to curl up with the pups, holiday movies and my stack of magazines to catch up on. Best. Day. Ever.

I found a few things that would definitely jumpstart a workout after the biggest food day of the year. I also think that by making exercise a part of the kickoff to the Christmas season as a way to set yourself up for fitness success through the new year.

A Fit Black Friday


How do you spend Black Friday? If you’re one of the Black Friday Shoppers, what’s your strategy to get through the mall without losing your sanity?

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Fashion Collage – Early Fall Lunch Date

We’re in that odd seasonal place now – the last weeks of summer and the beginning of autumn. As we ease out of summer and into autumn the weather is a crap shoot. Hot, humid one day, cool, breezy the next day and damp, rainy the next. Dressing for this transition period is challenging to say the least. But this gal is always up for a challenge.

Looking at the calendar I’m making mental notes of the activities I’d like to do before winter sets in. There’s apple picking, there’s the trek up to the largest outdoor flea market in Connecticut, there’s pumpkin picking, there’s a mega-yarn expo, antiquing and there’s always a lunch date.

With a lunch date with the girls coming up soon I’ve been thinking what I’d like to wear. I’ve put together a fashion collage of a look that will work weather the day is a little too hot or nicely cool.

Early Fall Lunch

What early autumn activity are you looking forward too and what item are you dying to wear during the transition between summer and fall?


Fashion Collage

Classic White Shirt Look

Last week we had a brief glimpse of spring. By brief I mean 3 days of perfect spring weather. Warm. Sunny. Perfect. Then the most unthinkable thing happened – it snowed. That. Was. Not. Fun. Okay, I’m not going to dwell on that bad, bad, bad day or on the days that followed with cold weather. Instead, I’m going to focus on one of my favorite classic looks for spring. White shirt and jeans. I just love that look. It’s effortless, it’s sophisticated and it’s polished. A few well chosen accessories can take this look from day to evening to weekend. Change up your shoes, your bag and your jewelry and you’re ready for any event. How can you not love a look that can do all that?

Classic White Shirt Look

What’s the look that you absolutely love for spring?

P.S.I couldn’t resist the photo of the dog. Isn’t he adorable?

Fashion Collage

A Little Summer Dreaming

One snow storm down and two more to come before next Monday. I know I shouldn’t blame the ground hog, it’s not his fault Mother Nature is currently in a snowy mood. Maybe she needs a hormone shot or something because she’s got to get out of this mood. Seriously.

While I try not to focus on what’s around the corner, I do try to live in the present, I can’t help but think of warmer temps and pretty dresses.

For a moment I want to dream about 80 degree weather and fun dresses that scream warm weather. Come on, join me dream a little.

A Little Summer Dreaming

Are you doing a little summer dreaming of your own?

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Winter Blues with a Twist

It’s that time of the season. The holidays are over and we’re facing a long stretch of cold and snow and ice. The days are getting a little bit longer, by a few minutes each day but it’s still dark for a good portion of the day. This is the time when the winter blues hit us.

The winters blues don’t have to be depressing. No! (a little too excited?) Lets shake things up, add a twist and make winter blues cheerful, fun and pretty. A few favorite things in blue.

Winter Blues

Now isn’t this a better take on the winter blues?

From the forecast I heard this morning, I think I’ll be looking at this post quite a few times in the coming week. There’s one night that’s supposed to be 1 degrees. One. I’ll need something pretty to look at as the chill seeps through me. Oh, I’m cold now just thinking about it.

How do you get through the long, cold days of winter?


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In A Boot Frame of Mind

Boots, boots and more boots. Here in Connecticut we have experienced the coldest weather in about twenty years. And add to that a few inches of snow, well it’s feeling like the winters I experienced as a child. The big difference between then and now? Boots. Back then they were functional. Period. Today, they are functional and fashionable. So I’ve been thinking about boots all week. And I thought I’d share some of my favorite looks.

A Boot Frame of Mind

What’s your favorite boot? Ankle, tall, with or without pom-poms (I love pom-poms).