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Polar Express Inspiration

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Fashion week continues here at AMT with a look at what I thought was a fun fashion layout in Marie Claire magazine. Polar Express showed furry boots and bags that add a pop of color to our warm weather clothing. I have to admit, I love faux fur. I have a few pieces that I simply love but I’m not sure about faux fur in pops of color. I’m on the fence about this trend but I think I could do if I went a little conservative. I know, conservative and colorful faux fur (say that three times) doesn’t sound like they go hand-in-hand. But maybe I could work it.

I went looking for some pieces that were fun (lets face it faux fur is just fun), not too-over-the-top and tasteful. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I’d find anything. That meant I really didn’t know what kind of post I was going to end up with. As I looked through countless photos I came up short on pops of color in faux fur that I would EVER wear. But, I found a few pieces that I did really like. So I’m tweaking this trend a little bit and focusing on just the faux fur and not the pop of color. This is what fashion is for women in our age group. We find the trend, we tweak and we wear what looks best on our bodies.

I did come across some colorful faux fur that I feel completely comfortable tossing on the sofa or draping over the bed. Faux fur pillows and throws! And I’m not the only one in our house who loves the softness and coziness of faux fur. Our Shih-Tzu Susie loves the luxury of faux fur.

I fell in love with all three bags I added to my Fashion Inspiration Collage. I love, love, love the hobo bag. If I could find one a little bit more in my budget I might actually carry it. The pill box hat is too snow-bunny cute for words. I have one similar and I wait all winter for the coldest day to wear it.

A lot of the women I know don’t wear faux fur. I think it’s a great statement piece, I mean you’re not going to be missed when you’re carrying a fur hobo bag or wearing a furry hat. I’ve had some gals say to me that they could never pull it off. Maybe there is a certain confidence level needed to wear something that is not going to blend in. Maybe I’ve gotten to the point in life that I really don’t care if someone thinks my faux fur vest is too much for grocery shopping.

So, is there a faux fur piece in your wardrobe future? Thinking about a little color?

Polar Express Inspiration

Limi Feu hobo handbag

River Island handbag
$63 –

Ted Baker leather purse
$155 –

French Connection scarve
$71 –

Fashion, Fashion Translation Collage

Opposite Day Fashion Inspiration

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Today we’re looking at Elle magazine for our Fashion Inspiration and it’s black and white.

Now, I usually associated black and white with spring. There’s something about the crispness of the black and white that is refreshing after a long winter of darker colors and weighty fabrics. Whether it’s zebra prints or traditional polka dots, black and white have always signaled spring to me. But this year the classic combination is heralding in a new season – fall.

When I came across the editorial layout I was intrigued and a bit skeptical. Could I embrace black and white as the temps cool down and the days get shorter? Could I find a way to add this trend into my fall wardrobe?

Turns out I’ve already started. Two years ago I bought a black and white dress for a wedding and I’ve managed to wear it to work, to dinner and to a holiday party. I simply love it.

Then I got a white sweater dress for a steal in spring and love pairing the dress with black suede boots.

I have a white knit skirt that love wearing with a black turtleneck, black tights and black suede boots.

So, I guess I can rock this trend without having to buy too many more pieces. Though, I’m loving the black tote with white stripe down the center I found when putting together my Fashion Inspiration Collage. I wouldn’t mind having that in my closet. 🙂

How do you feel about black and white for fall? Love it? Hate it? In between? Or already rocking your spectator look?

Opposite Day

Fashion, Fashion Translation Collage

Wild Irish Rose Fashion Inspiration

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I love fall fashion magazines. I love the editorial layouts, I love the ads, I love the thickness of the issues. It takes days to go through all of the issues which makes it a perfect weekend event (yes, I said event) with a cup of tea. As I flip through the pages of the magazine I do run through my wardrobe inventory to see if I can work the looks with what I already own or if I just need just one thing (okay, just one thing sometimes ends up being a couple of somethings). But lets be honest, most of the fashion magazines are geared to younger women in their advertising, editorial and fashion. So as I visualize my wardrobe inventory I am also trying to translate the season’s trends into wearable fashion for me.

From the September issue of Vogue I selected their Wild Irish Rose fashion trend to translate into my life. I found pieces that could work for me.

In Vogue there was a focus on long, sweeping skirts and while I absolutely love them I find that right now I would prefer something more structured and feminine. I feel that certain lengths of skirts and fabrics while they may be considered appropriate for women in their 40s & 50s can tend to be a little…dowdy… a little aging… and not so flattering. Basically, this season I’m not feeling the long, sweeping skirt. And my wallet is definitely not feeling the price tag of the Burberry skirt I picked for my Fashion Translation Collage. The floral laced pencil skirt is both classic and contemporary and beyond my budget. But I do now have an image in my head when I hit the mall.

The one Wild Irish Rose look I fell in love with was wool and feathered lace dress with a cardigan, tailored jacket and scarf. So picking out pieces for this Collage I found a cardigan that would work with a dress and jeans. The wine colored booties are already on my wish-list for fall. The chunky scarf is a must-have and as is a chunky sweater. I had so much fun finding pieces for this collage and right now I can’t wait for the leaves to start changing colors.

Wild Irish Rose

Joules chunky sweater
$110 –

Fendi suede ankle boots
$915 –

Wool hat

Even odd brown scarve
$19 –

Is their an item that’s in your closet or being pushed as a “must-have” for fall that you’re just not feeling?