Embracing The Sun

Here in Connecticut we went from spring which felt more like fall to summer in a matter of a day. That's right. We went from 60 degree days to 90 degrees. Just like that. So this post seems perfectly timed. Today I'm going to share how I protect myself from the sun. Now, lets be... Continue Reading →

De-Mystifying Sunblock

Last week I wrote a post, Sunblock Is The New Black, where I touched upon the importance of sunblock and I know that when I'm in the sunblock aisle of the drug store I'm more than a little confused. And then there as the news story last year about the little white lies surrounding all... Continue Reading →

Sunblock Is The New Black

Morning routine (not in any particular order): Shower, brush teeth, feed dogs, prep food for the day, style hair, drink 2 cups of coffee and apply sunblock. Just like brushing my teeth and drinking my coffee, applying sunblock is something I do every morning before I the make-up goes on. I've been a proponent and... Continue Reading →

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