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Spring Cleaning – The Closet

In the second part of my Spring Cleaning series we’re heading into the closet to do some serious work. I love this part of spring cleaning, changing out my wardrobe, seeing what I have for the season, identifying what I need for the new season. I believe this is what a fashionista lives for. Surrounded by clothes.


While this is fun for me, it is a part of my spring cleaning so I have to stay focused on the job at at. Here’s what I’m looking for when I’m doing this job:

– clothing I haven’t worn for at least two seasons
– clothing that has come to the end of it’s lifespan
– clothing that no longer fits (and that’s all I’m saying on this subject 🙂 )

This will leave me with two piles – donate and keep.

With my two piles I have my closet completely empty and now I can do some cleaning. I’ll vacuum, clean the shelves and take a moment to review how I have my clothing and accessories organized within the space.

I usually end up with piles of clothes everywhere in the bedroom. All of my fall/winter clothes, my seasonless clothing, and my spring/summer clothing cover every surface in the bedroom. Shoes and boots scattered all over. This isn’t a pretty sight and definitely not for the faint of heart. But I’ve been here before and I know I can get through.

I am relentless when I’m going through the clothes and accessories. The one lesson I’ve learned is over the years is that my closet shouldn’t be a time capsule. Favorite spectator pumps from my first job (white and navy, loved them) should be long gone…just like the job.

The one major improvement I’ve made in my closets has been new hangers. A girlfriend turned me onto Huggable Hangers from HSN and I’m obsessed with them. You can get similar hangers at TJ Maxx and other stores. Visually the closet looks cleaner and with slim hangers you get to hang more stuff in the closet. You know what that means…more shopping!

There is a point where I do start to feel tired and overwhelmed and like it’s never going to end. But I stay calm, take a deep breath and carry on. You’ll be done in no time. I also make time to break for lunch (yes, it’s an all day process).

Put back what you’ll keep, decide what you’ll store what you’ll need for fall/winter and pack up what you’ll be donating and stuff ino a bag what you’ll be tossing.

With enough stamina spring cleaning your closet will be a piece of cake. Actually, after spring cleaning all your closets I think you’ll burn enough calories to have a piece of cake as a treat for such hard work.

Will you be heading into the closet for some spring cleaning?

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It’s That Time, Again…Spring Cleaning

Spring is just a few days away. Thirteen to be exact and there are so many things to think about. Easter, peep-toe shoes and cleaning. I confess, I love all three. But spring cleaning can be overwhelming because there’s so much to do and I only have a few hours each weekend to devote to what I like to call “bootcamp cleaning”. I’ve found having a plan makes this whole process a lot easier because I’m just not dealing with inside my house, I’m dealing with the outside to. And to make it even a little bit more challenging, I’m not sure when all of the snow will melt. That means spring cleaning outside may have to wait…by then I’ll be rushing to plant flowers. Ugh. So much to do and so little time to do it. But I’ve got a plan, so no worries.


Granted, cleaning is not the most glamorous thing to do but it needs to be done and the sooner it gets done, well that means we have time to workout, cook a fabulous meal or shop. Lets not waste any time and get down to how I plan for spring cleaning.

Step One:

I check my cabinets to make sure that I have all my cleaning supplies. I don’t begin baking until I have all my ingredients measured out and I don’t begin spring cleaning without having all my supplies ready to go. I also check the paper towels, microfiber towels, toothbrushes (indispensable cleaning tool) and rinse out the canister of my vacuum cleaner.

Step Two:

I take a few minutes to add to my list my regular chores because I want to keep up with them. If I fall behind on those tasks I fear that I’ll step back for that moment of “ahhh” after I finish all my spring cleaning and all I’ll see is messiness. 😦 Don’t want that.

Step Three:

I take my notepad for a walk, going from room to room and identify what needs to be done in each room. I write down each job. This is also the time I start thinking about organizing. Everything should have a home to live in, if it doesn’t then it needs to get one or it needs to leave.

Step Four:

I also give my ladders a once-over because I’ll be doing some serious climbing and I want to be safe.

Step Five:

This step may happen right away or it may have to wait depending upon the weather. I take a walk outside, noting what I need to do. I look at the doors and windows and this is also a good time to check out the roof (I usually send the hubby up to do that) and while up there check the gutters and don’t forget the downspouts. While outside, I inspect our garden hoses and remove any tree limbs that have fallen. Just looking out the window I can see I have quite a few of them.


Most of all this preparation can be done in one afternoon I’m just making a list. The challenge is not beginning the spring cleaning. Just keep moving from room to room and then outside. Once I have all the tasks listed I can write up my game plan, where I begin first and where I will finish and everything in between.

Next week I’ll share what I actually do for spring cleaning. I know, I’m so excited about that!

Grab a cup of coffee and make your list so that you’re ready to begin your Spring cleaning and boy, won’t the neighbors be jealous. 🙂

Now it’s your turn. Do you plan your spring cleaning or do you just dive into it?