Shih-Tzu Saturday

Shih-Tzu Saturday

Today promises to be a much nicer day than we’ve experienced all week. The temps should be a little warmer, the day will be a little longer (tonight we spring ahead an hour) and the feeling of spring is in the air. The plan for today is simple, grocery shopping, laundry (there’s always laundry), baking (for a post next week) and working my Spring cleaning plan. I’m not the only one excited about spring. The pups are too.

Billy is the type of guy who likes to curl up and just chill. He may not look it, but I know he is looking forward to spring so that he can run around, roll around and then have a treat when he comes inside. Food is a big motivator for the little guy. 🙂

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Susie just loves being outside. If allowed, she’d stay outside for hours and hours. She loves the sun on her, she loves chasing a ball and she loves very long walks. She really doesn’t respond to the offer a treat when I try to bribe her to come inside. 🙂

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My day is all set, I know what I’m doing. What about you? What’s happening on your Saturday?